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Our Brave Story

We wanted to make Underwear that would Bring Joy to people. Stylish, brave, and comfortable. Those were the words of our CEO Yiu Yan Leung when he approached Guangzhou Chang Tong Apparel Co., Ltd. Since 2012 our brand has grown so much that we are reaching out to all continents, including South America and Europe. People are in need of stylish, yet affordable underwear. In our main market China, Brave Person Underwear is very well established as the streetwear for the young, beautiful, brave and successful. We cater mostly to gay men, which makes us unique in China’s ever growing, yet quite conservative underwear market.

Our Brave Style

We design several brave and daring designs to fit Brave Person’s individual styles.
Our selection is available from trusted resellers.


We use premium materials in our production. Ultra-sexy silver net material has been one of our favorite since the beginning.


When it comes to daring designs, our underwear is the number one name around night clubs in Mainland China.


Our G-strings and thongs are made for the brave and the bold. Anyone should have access to the light feel of g-strings.


We created a roomy anatomical bulge pouch especially for our western clients. Natural and roomy feel for those who need it.

Our Brave Partners

Our official reseller for western market is To add your business to this list, please contact

ClosetHunk has committed themselves to provide our whole collection delivered straight from China. They are a trusted partner that cares about their customer.

Brave Person Underwear Head Office

Find Us

Our office is located in the center of Guangzhou business area with great connections to all the distributors and suppliers.

  • Building A, Room 2560, Xingang Middle Rd, KeCun, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

  • Unfortunately we are not open for public.

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